Digital Strips Episode 481: The Glass Harmonica In-Your-Endo

Benjamin Franklin and his glass harmonica from the cover of the book, Angelic MusicWe all know how Steve feels about the sultry soul of Adele, so let’s relax and listen to some tunes on the old glass harmonica like we used to back in the day. Also, Tapas made a lot of people angry and confused last week with their TOS changes, so the guys give their two cents on that topic. Finally, Steve brings BFGFS to the table and Jason marvels at its cuteness while wondering if he can take another cute journal comic.


Pro Grapplers Episode 41: Backlash ON A POLE

Judy Bagwell on a Pole Match at WCW New Blood RisingAfter Strowman’s injury, Raw rebuilt with a great Balor/Reigns match, Goldust finally having enough of R-Truth’s schtick, and the promise of a new number one contender for The Beast Incarnate in the near future. Meanwhile, SmackDown is ready for their Backlash, which means Nakamura will be making his in-ring debut, Breezango might finally capture gold that isn’t already on their fabulous outfits, and Tamina Snuka will almost certainly get out of having to wrestle. All that, plus a great TakeOver card to look forward to and a wonderful UK special to look back on!


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 34: Penguile Dysfunction

Penguin turned otaku by zooEver hear of a penguin who falls in love with a human woman? How about a cartoon representation of one? Also, bridges are terrifying to some, but traumatizing to all who have gotten their heads stuck in one. Finally, Jason’s robotic childhood was robbed of many seminal, heart-wrenching moments. Let’s make him relive them now!


Digital Strips Episode 480: Terence, Meet Joe

Batman: The Long Halloween, issue 13 of 13Welcome back to the podcast that makes all your dreams come true, even if you want to be a magical Japanese schoolgirl! The guys are reminiscing about Multiplex and pondering its bright future, while also looking at new comic, Apricot Cookies. It’s weird, it’s funny, and it rarely takes itself seriously. Check out all of these comics and more, there’s so much to read and so little time!


Pro Grapplers Episode 40: I’M BUILDING THE LONGEST ROAD

Kramer fights children in his karate class on SeinfeldWe’re live on tape from the UK this week, and outside of a bobby and a Sherlock, it’s not all great. But it’s not bad, either! All this, plus: Sheasaro outsmarts the entire Raw tag division, the Miz remains hot stuff, Jason prefers his nUsos be silent, Backlash is all about Nakamura wrestling, probably, Pete Dunne is mean and super ugly, and playing board games with Braun Strowman.


Pro Grapplers Episode 39: Deputy Dango!

Deputy Dawg cartoonThere were many good things about Payback that the guys agree on. There was also one match that was Steve’s pick for Match of the Night. We will not talk about this match (but they totally talk about that match). Also, Braun continued his dominance, Sheamaro turned ugly (and amazing), and the Fashion Files were officially opened. Don’t worry, crying is absolutely ok here.


Webcomics – for all, or for some?

Webcomics do so many things right. The way they engage with their audience and the medium of the web. The way they explore issues like gender, diversity, the more adult stuff, and the just plain rude. But there’s still one place webcomics (like pretty much every other web-based enterprise out there) has largely failed to push the envelope – accessibility to the blind and visually impaired.

In the past week, you might have seen the Instagram post by Chris Pratt, where the Guardians of the Galaxy star apologized for some comments that were insensitive to the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Now, being a pop culture troglodyte, I hadn’t heard of this until – predictably – it cycled back around to webcomics. Specifically, a Facebook post where Charles C. Dowd (of asked:

Saw this story in my feed… Are there examples of audio comics or services out there that could potentially appeal to the visually-impaired?”

The answer, as I found, was: yeeeaaaah…kinda. Continue reading


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 33: Do Not Mouseover

A disclaimer for Toonami on Adult SwimSteve attended Sakuracon and wondered just how different we all are, really. He also discovered adaptive homeless people, which really sounds like some promising tech. Jason, meanwhile, besmirches anime and usually falls asleep before he can watch enough to form a cohesive argument.


Searching for Strip Search – Part Two

Last week we looked at a few of the contestants who competed on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search in 2013 – what have they been doing for the past five years? Are they still in webcomics? Are they still creating art? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Today we’re going to continue that, scouring the interwebs for clues about the next four contestants eliminated from the competition: Mackenzie Schubert, Nick Trujillo, Amy Falcone and Erika Moen. Continue reading