Calvin’s 20th Birthday

Fans of the extremely popular, genre-redefining, syndicated strip Calvin and Hobbes should take a moment today to reread some of the strips. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Bill Watterson?s first appearance in the funny pages.

Zach Miller of Joe and Monkey posted a tribute to the strip that has inspired so many others. If there are any other web comic artists who did Calvin themed strips today, that I missed, post them in the comments, I?d love to read them.

I know a lot of people have said a lot of things about Calvin and Hobbes. I really can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. Only that this strip, more than any other, is why I started reading comics on the level I do. It changed to world to the point where comic strips could be more than they had been before. It will probably alway be my favorite strip, printed or web based.


One thought on “Calvin’s 20th Birthday

  1. Calvin and Hobbes is the comidiec comic pair in my kids 2nd grade class and I like reading them at night.Why did they do away with Calvin and Hobbes comics?If Somebody could make a better comic pair better than Bill Watterson,it would be a miracle.He is just amazing.

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