What’s Up With the Digital Strips Comic?

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t updated the Digital Strips comic in a while. The thing is I’ve been working on something new. I was so inspired by what Scott Kurtz and Chris Straub are doing with Blamimation that I decided to try something similar for our podcast. Wouldn’t it be great to see what we’re talking about as we talk about it? I’m still putting it together, but I should have something to show very soon. We’ll see if this works or not soon enough, but hang tight. At the very least, it should be interesting.


One thought on “What’s Up With the Digital Strips Comic?



    Yes, It would be a great way to present your show at least once or twice.

    BTW, shameless as I am, I plug my own comic, which has risen out from the two-month long hiatus with a few new pages!

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