Pro Grapplers Episode 62: Took His Balls And Went Home

James Ellsworth, professional wrestler

As we say goodbye to the chinless coward, James Ellsworth, we also say hello to a weekend of WWE goodness!

  • Will the team of Gulak and Enzo prove too much for Kalisto? (Yes)
  • Who will fill the mystery spot on Team SD: Women’s Division? (Paige)
  • Cash-in happening? (No, but yes)
  • Will The Usos unfinished business keep them from victory? (Yes)
  • Will The Shield win? (Certainly)
  • Will Styles survive Survivor Series? (Yes, but he won’t win)
  • Will we like Jason Jordan? (Nope)
  • Who has more liabilities going into the SS match? (Raw)

Also, India is getting a heaping helping of HHH, Lucha Underground will have a reduced budget next season (but Steve doesn’t think it will hurt things), Starrcade is a show we want to see (but won’t get to), and Jason really think you should be watching Total Divas (but totally gets why you’re not).


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 47: Men Are From Mars And They Smell Bad, Too

iPod controls built into your jeansJason’s mouthbreather ways are passed down from generation to generation, Steve finds a teaching moment in his smelly, sweaty ways, and both guys contemplate the awesome idiocy of wearable tech. Also, a shark is jumped when Steve believes the Digital Strips history has all been a lie.


Digital Strips Episode 493: Taking Us To Flavortown, If You Know I Mean

Guy Fieri welcomes you to FlavortownIt’s never too late to get spooked, especially when Abby Howard is doin’ the scarin’! Even a Door In The Kitchen can be creepy with the right motivations. After that, enjoy the wide open animal talkin’ splendor of Africa, followed by gags-a-plenty with Indoor Graveyard. Finally, we check in on the Goblins Animated Kickstarter, which is now an Indiegogo.

Oh, and here’s the link to that Mark Hamill animated short that the guys talked about. Highly recommended work from the master himself.


Pro Grapplers Episode 61: Mahal, The King’s Man

Spinal Tap is lost backstageSure, we’re all thrilled AJ won the title, but how long will he hold it? Also, did WWE, in fact, hinder the Jinder? Also, Total Divas participation seems to be the best path to job security in WWE right now, we worry that Sami and KO might not do anything at Survivor Series, Raw proves just how dumb they (or at least Angle) are/is, Steve still isn’t sold on the New Day/Shield match for SS, intergender matches remain a kitschy novelty in WWE, and Lucha Underground will open the temple for yet another season.


Pro Grapplers Episode 60: Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Sibling Rivalry

WWE 2017 Halloween ContestNew idea: Strowman has become sentient garbage and just wants more trash buddies so he keeps trying to throw people in dumpsters. Also, Steph is back to make it all about her, so we’re talking about anything else to spite her! How about Drew Gulak’s spelling comprehension? Or a Bludgeon/Breezango feud? Maybe you’ve heard of the SHHHIELD? Or the increased rules of engagement for War Games? Lots to talk about that’s NOT about SS, so listen up!


Digital Strips Episode 492: Nothing Abstruse Here

RC ColaWe’ve got lookalikes, webcomic Likes, and a comic that’s, like, about stuff. Check out the xkcd-a-like Abstruse Goose, a list of webcomics to check out courtesy of the call put out by comics powerhouse Brian Michael Bendis, and enjoy a gag-a-day with Nothing Suspicious.


Pro Grapplers Episode 59: You’re The Monster Now, Demon Dog

Transformers trash truckWith illness and absences abounding, TLC screamed out of the gates and never held back. Styles/Balor tore it up, Asuka debuted, Mickie/Alexa put on an amazing show, and the TLC match itself was one for the record books. Looking towards the future, Survivor Series is coming and the build to that has Jason FUMING. But, Paul Heyman agrees that Jinder isn’t worthy of taking on Lesnar, so we’re all good.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 46: No One Cares About Serifs

Papyrus Is A Good Font t-shirtJason gives a great reason why you should never share a Google Doc with him, Steve is blind to the differences between typefaces, and together the guys find a common ground in a post-font society.


Digital Strips Episode 491: I Ain’t Your Father

After pondering the consistency and look of robot … oil, the guys set to talking about many, many webcomics! Full Plate (Google Play) is another motion comic to check out, Hejibits, Mrs. Frollein, and Robospunk represent various aspects of the single-shot comic format, and A Fire Story tells a poignant, educational story about living through the true life horror of an out-of-control wildfire.


Pro Grapplers Episode 58: A Monster Among Meningitis

Protected sex according to The Naked GunA fearful illness has gripped the locker room and thrown the TLC card into chaos! Will Angle wrestle? Will Styles and Balor put on an instant classic? And how about all those cruiserweight and women’s matches, eh? All that, plus SmackDown Live is still good thanks to Owens and Zayn, not to mention Rusev, Pulp Fashion, and THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS.