Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 49: Gimme Some Eyebrows

Mickey Rourke beats Enrique Iglesias in the video for HeroMemory is tied to our senses in ways the guys don’t understand. Jason jumps between the soundtracks for Beverly Hills Cop and The Bodyguard when it comes to dictating his childhood. Steve finds Washington state to be EXTREMELY dank, but his need for Chinese food when Enrique Iglesias is belting out tunes means maybe we can’t trust him.


Digital Strips Episode 495: Bare Minimum Orgy Participant

The Furies - Unleash the FuriesCome, converse with us about all things webcomics (and a few that aren’t)! Jason looks back on a recent JL8 story and sings the praises of Frank and Becky’s latest triumph, Bustletown, while Steve recalls the beautiful world of Scurry and the often humorously dark Things in Squares.


Pro Grapplers Episode 65: Slater By Proxy

Diamond Dallas Page, Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, and Hollywood Hulk Hogan pose for the cameraIt’s winter, and you know what that means: the flu is here! Enzo lays down, but Strowman refuses to job to influenza and the show goes on! The guys haven’t seen Wrestle Kingdom yet, so they’re left to ponder the questions left by the WWE: Can we do something interesting with Hardy and Wyatt now? Is Sexy Dana Brooke sexy? Can we make the Miztourage and actual, functioning tag team? Could Lesnar BE more checked out? Could Jason love Karl Malone’s WCW stuff more? Can we Bexplode everyone? Where do we watch the Mixed Match Challenge again? And just what is Daniel Bryan up to?


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 48: Regional Concerns

Groucho Marx as a doctorJason recalls the hell of learning to type on a computer keyboard, Steve has dealt with many questionable healthcare providers in the past, and together the guys find out how NOT to diagnose a stomach problem.


Pro Grapplers Episode 64: Blondie McBounce-Bounce

Mudflap girl with automatic weaponCelebrate the new year with a new episode of Pro Grapplers! It’s been a while, but we’re barreling towards the Royal Rumble, and the various stories are taking shape. We’re still thankful that every day is Rusev Day, but can we trust WWE to take it more seriously than they did the Fashion Police? Also, is Shane just a dick, or is something more sinister coming from his rivalry with Daniel Bryan? Matt Hardy is now Woken, but will he ever do more than just laugh a lot? Will we ever find a reason to hate Samoa Joe? And can this please, PLEASE be Kane’s final shot at a title?


Digital Strips Episode 494: Oops I Drew Interspeciesal 4 AM Showers

Matchbox Twenty's 3amJason personally gets to know Oops I Drew This, Steve wakes us up with the delightful 4 AM Shower, and a discussion about Penny Arcade’s latest target provides a frivolously heated moment between our two best webcomics buddies.


Pro Grapplers Episode 63: MOORO ROMANO

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker stand in the ring during the Attitude Era of WWFThe last of the big four WWE PPV weekends has come and gone, and we’re … pretty much right where we were before it happened! We’re hyped for the new women on both Raw and SmackDown, and getting back down to business has already served stars like Joe, KO, and Zayn well. Also, Steve was blissfully unaware that Kid Rock had anything to do with SS, Jason is happy with the Asuka booking (looks strong!), Braun deserves an Oscar, SmackDown returns to its days of copying Raw, shilling for the Shop, and OMG IT’S ALMOST WRESTLEMANIA SEASON AAAAAAHHHHHHH


Pro Grapplers Episode 62: Took His Balls And Went Home

James Ellsworth, professional wrestler

As we say goodbye to the chinless coward, James Ellsworth, we also say hello to a weekend of WWE goodness!

  • Will the team of Gulak and Enzo prove too much for Kalisto? (Yes)
  • Who will fill the mystery spot on Team SD: Women’s Division? (Paige)
  • Cash-in happening? (No, but yes)
  • Will The Usos unfinished business keep them from victory? (Yes)
  • Will The Shield win? (Certainly)
  • Will Styles survive Survivor Series? (Yes, but he won’t win)
  • Will we like Jason Jordan? (Nope)
  • Who has more liabilities going into the SS match? (Raw)

Also, India is getting a heaping helping of HHH, Lucha Underground will have a reduced budget next season (but Steve doesn’t think it will hurt things), Starrcade is a show we want to see (but won’t get to), and Jason really think you should be watching Total Divas (but totally gets why you’re not).


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 47: Men Are From Mars And They Smell Bad, Too

iPod controls built into your jeansJason’s mouthbreather ways are passed down from generation to generation, Steve finds a teaching moment in his smelly, sweaty ways, and both guys contemplate the awesome idiocy of wearable tech. Also, a shark is jumped when Steve believes the Digital Strips history has all been a lie.


Digital Strips Episode 493: Taking Us To Flavortown, If You Know I Mean

Guy Fieri welcomes you to FlavortownIt’s never too late to get spooked, especially when Abby Howard is doin’ the scarin’! Even a Door In The Kitchen can be creepy with the right motivations. After that, enjoy the wide open animal talkin’ splendor of Africa, followed by gags-a-plenty with Indoor Graveyard. Finally, we check in on the Goblins Animated Kickstarter, which is now an Indiegogo.

Oh, and here’s the link to that Mark Hamill animated short that the guys talked about. Highly recommended work from the master himself.