Episode 350: No Time For Vacancy (Review feat. Saint For Rent)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonJason hangs out with Robbie and Bobbie, while Steve stays up with Sleep Deprivation Ninja. They then join forces to try and figure out just what the heck is going on in the time-traveling tale, Saint For Rent. If your nose starts to bleed, you have our permission to pause the podcast and find your constant.


Episode 349: Camp Stories (Horizons Watch feat. Solstoria and Camp Weedonwantcha)

Ad on Craigslist for a band's groupieSteve checks out Fowl Language, Jason comes up with excuses, and together they check in on the relatively new comics, Solstoria and Camp Weedonwantcha. Also, the lack of responsive design representation in the webcomics community has Jason climbing the walls. Adapt or die!

Midshow music: “Street Fighter or Streetest Fighter?” by BONKERS


Episode 348: What A Gay Love Story (Review feat. O Human Star)

Olympic ring fails to openWith Sochi being an out-and-out debacle of an ultimate sporting competition, it’s up to us to pick up the slack back here at home. To do this, Jason (yes, that Jason) has been readin’ Sithrah, Rock and Tin, and From Nothing, and Steve checked out Vibe. Jason also tricked Steve into reviewing a gay love story that masquerades as a sci-fi robot adventure. O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti is the real deal in both respects, so be sure you don’t miss out!


Episode 347: Tropes In SPAAAAAAACE (Review feat. Star Power)

Muppets from Space

Steve floats towards Dead Winter, docks with a nigh unpronounceable comic, and Jason talks about the trouble with Trenches. Then they reunite to discuss the tropey fun that is Star Power. Fire those thrusters and cruise on in!

Midshow music courtesy of Overclocked Remix ["Sonic Boom (American Mix)" by Neblix].


Episode 346: Jason Iscariot (Horizons Watch feat. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Apprentice and Stand Still, Stay Silent)

rooster from Fowl Visions.comJason catches up with Superfogeys, Steve descends for a quick peek of Hadez (like Hell, but more rad), and together they get the gist of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Apprentice and Stand Still, Stay Silent. Enjoy the silly adventure while avoiding a global pandemic along with us!


Episode 345: Creating Things Just For Us (Review of Lunar Baboon)

Ric Flair is a bloody mess as referee Earl Hebner looks onAre you excited for the WWE Network? Are you PUMPED?!? #YES #YES #YES #YES #YES

We also take a quick look at Stand Still, Stay Silent, Call of Cthulhu: The Musical, and Candle Cove, then do a proper review of Lunar Baboon.


Episode 344: Game of the Year 2013 (Review of Hinges)

Rogue LegacyWe run down our favorite games of 2013, have a quick chat about One Way and Owlturd, and agree to disagree about Meredith McClaren’s Hinges. All lists are now suspended (until December).


Episode 343: The End of the Year Best of 2013 EXTRAVAGANZA

2014 glasses look stupid


  • (8:25) Jason Brubaker’s Sithrah coming in 2014
  • (9:00) Christopher Baldwin’s One Way has launched

Award for You’re Doing It Wrong for 2013 goes to …

  • Sinfest (fix the RSS, your comic is amazing and I hate missing out on it)

The First Break

Steve has been playing a lot of Terraria with his son lately; it’s a great form of male bonding that doesn’t involve actual sports. So here’s a jammed-out version of the game’s winter theme.

Best Horizons Watch of 2013

The Second Break

Steve plays a lot of Starcraft. Hence the music from Starcraft II.

Best Digital Strips Reviewed Comic of 2013

The Third Break

Steve’s resolution is to use less video game remixes for his break tunes, so here’s a piano piece. (I make no such resolution.)

  • (37:35) “Atlantis” by Pianochocolate

Best Webcomic of 2013

All this, plus!

  • Steve saves everyone from Jason
  • How DO birds make babies?
  • If you love something, try to make it yourself
  • Remember Vitamin C? You do now
  • Art Talk with Arty McArtart and Steve O’Noart
  • Steve knows how you poop

Episode 342: The Distraction Will Be Chromecasted (Horizons Watch feat. The Girl From Hell City and Nuclear Winter)

Yo Gabba Gabba!Whatcha Been Readin’


The Midshow Break

From listening to our ramblings (which aren’t currently available, so ignore this completely), you’ll know that I’m terrible, in that I look at my Amazon Wish List and ask it to show me what has already been purchased. In doing so, I know that the new Legend of Zelda on 3DS (an addition to one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) is coming to me eventually. However, I do not have it in my possession yet.

For this reason, I am including a remix from that game as our midshow break. Because if I have to suffer, so do you.

The Feature (Horizon’s Watch)

All this, plus!

  • I want a hippopotamus and Dominick the Donkey for Christmas
  • Can YOU cheat the Amazon machine?
  • Socks: Underwear for your feet.
  • Steve hears what he wants to hear (re: Euro Men Online)
  • Flah-vee-ay? Flay-vie?
  • Steve Chromecasts Yo Gabba Gabba for his son. While he’s podcasting. It’s distracting.

Episode 341: We Missed This (Did You?)


Whatcha Been Readin’/Whatcha Thinkin’ About


The First Midshow Break

Of course, when we don’t have a conversation for two months, the first one back is going to be about poop and movies. This remix from Mega Man X4 by BONKERS gets us through it.

The Second Midshow Break

Shortly after our first conversation, the second invovles genetalia. Some things never change. Nothing goes better with that topic than a piece from Pokemon Crystal Version by PROTO-DOME.


All this, plus!

  • Steve’s worst intro ever?
  • What’s Jason been up to? Not showing people his wang.
  • The glorious world of barriers to entry
  • Jason goes to Kansas, eats Mexican food at a gas station
  • Not to be outdone, Steve eats at a trailer park-only restaurant
  • Discussions of podcast siren etiquette
  • How much dog doo do you think is in YOUR leaf pile?