Episode 334 – Basilisk Fights Are Brutal Fights (Review of Drunkards of the Cosmos)

Laundry piles upWhatcha Been Readin’

The Midshow Break

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • We suck at vacations because we have families
  • Steve twerks and Jason takes a selfie with these new, dictionary-approved words
  • Google your laundry
  • Jason reads things other than comics but really when he should be reading comics
  • If your comic is about anything, you hate your readers
  • Lifelong permission to fart via cleverness
  • We were saving the Internet before it was cool
  • Our take on website adblocking
  • Jason’s Thor impression

Episode 333 – Serenity WOW! (Review of Serenity Rose)


Whatcha Been Readin’

The Midshow Break

The Feature


All this, plus!

  • Never change, Digital Strippers!
    • Seriously, never change.
  • Jason’s pre-podcasting ritual
  • Are you ever too mad to have ice cream?
  • Vacations are for catching up with comics
  • Mainline DC Comics: NSFK (Not Safe For Kids)

Digital Strips Podcast 330 – All The Way Back in 19xx (review feat. The Adventures of the 19xx)

Two buttons: Dive and Kick

Whatcha Been Readin’

The News


The Midshow Break (in honor of EVO 2013, Steve’s religious holiday)

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Seriously, our contact information is RIGHT THERE
  • Don’t play God
  • Monster brand Ramen
  • Madlibs are fun most anywhere!
  • Digital Strips new show: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Porn RSS feeds are way, way, WAY too easy to find
  • Jason’s co-worker does his job for him

Digital Strips Podcast 329 – Foxy Sister (Review feat. The Fox Sister)

Garth Algar performs Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady"Whatcha Been Readin’

The News


The Midshow Break

  • (14:30) “Letting Go” by OA from Animal Crossing (GCN)

The Feature

All this, plus!

  • Fluffy towels: Not all they’re cracked up to be
  • Get real: How many Christmas Eves have you found yourself at Wal-Mart on?
  • Most male Tumblr curators are also obsessed with the nude female form
  • Revisionist Korean history
  • Jason Sigler: Creative Racist
  • Yun Hee: Korean Meg Ryan

Digital Strips 326 – Review: Battle Pug

Before we get too far into setting up the show, I’m going to warn you that Jason came in uber quite on the recording. It should be fine post edit, but if not, I did what I could and cranked that D-bag as high as he would go.

We go form zero to nerdy in record time as we delve into our limited knowlege of Shazam, one of those iconic DC chacacters that everyone knows, but no one knows anything about. Then Jason shows off how willing to play videos games his wife is and then lies about being brief wrapps it up by hitting us with the wierdest sexism ever.

Jason presents his comic, Our Adventure Continues, a comic about – and I quote – “Whatever the hell they want it to be about.” Techically, that’s what all comics are about, but try explaining that to Sigler.

Steve then gets Internet metaphysical with his pick Trekker. It’s sci-fi. It’s pulp. It’s noire. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the details. We do however and that leads us to again talk about what are webcomics, without deciding anything.

We touch on the latest Penny Arcade Scandel but not much, becuase it’s stupid. We don’t touch stupid things. We don’t want to get the stupid on us.

This week’s Rambletron is a bit a throw back. We talk abou the man you haven’t thought about for years, Mr. Baseball himself, Tom Selleck. Look him up kiddos. Just soak in the Selleck.

We get into Battle Pug, one Steve has been following since almost day one. We talk about the unspoken rules of being a barbarian. How to do a narrator side story properly. What fantasy tropes are beyond cliche at this point and what more do you need from a comic called Battle Pug than a pug who battles?

Show Notes:
Skull Kickers
Street Fighter Comic


Digital Strips Podcast 324 – Review: Paranatural

This week we’re looking at Paranatural, the best comic featuring a magic plunger that we’ve ever read.

We start out this week on the one thing people expect from us and no other podcast, four minutes of sports talk, spawned by an Iron Man reference. We learn Steve’s opinion on school fight songs and processed lunch meats.

Then we do some simple talk about the new Xbox and why naming this is dumb, Jason’s idea for someone to make a crapload of money, and he admits most things he does make him feel sad about his life.

Jason also finds a new source of comics and in doing so has found several new ones including Charmy’s Army, a comic he liked but hated how it starts. Steve still gets his (Newman in this case) the old fashion way; randomly clicking links.

We then dive right into the comic which of course starts with us talking about the creators names and other important things including Jason judging the characters of Saved by the Bell very harshly and then admitting to the greatest sin in webcomic reviewerdom. We then have a heck of a time trying to put our thoughts into words. It leads to some interesting analogies.

Music: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02663/


Digital Strips Podcast 321: Review – Double Cross

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J

LL Cool J, Brad Paisley :: Jerod Harris, Getty Images

There are some interesting conversations in this episode. Possibly to the detriment of our chosen podcast topic, none of these have anything to do with webcomics. However, they are so far into left field and humorous in nature that they inspire me to write a webcomic about them. Not yet, but they inspire such an action. Anyhoo, check the Rambletron section below for some of those discussions.

I took a look at a comic that, at the time, had not been recommended to us. At least, not to my knowledge. Hinges (6:51) is a pretty comic. That’s about all I know about it, after having read roughly twenty pages, but it seems like a good story and a late recommendation from a listener/creator (what up, Walter Ostlie from Shiver Bureau?) mean it must be pretty good, right? Steve’s has been testing his patience with Hobo Lobo of Hamelin (8:33), a side-scrolling comic that uses elements of HTML5 to create a comic that can only be fully enjoyed on the web. We don’t galvanize the crowd of comic creators who work on utilizing the unique creative aspects of the web enough, so here here for Steve finding this gem.

Reading comics on the web is an experience that should not be hindered based on how it is viewed (and yes, this should come off as a bit hypocritical after Hobo Lobo requires a certain browser to properly view it). Table Titans (10:40) by Scott Kurtz is such a thoroughly enjoyable experience, both with the included Tales and without, but this can be marred when trying to read the comic at certain resolutions. The site does its best to respond to the differing viewing sizes, but on an iPad 2, the comic is unreadable due to a bottom portion being cut off. Considering the pedigree, both of the creator and the fiction from which the work is derived (that being accept-no-substitutes D&D), this is unacceptable and should be fixed ASAP.

Knowing ahead of time the downer turn that our review is about to take, I figured something light and fluffy in the midshow break would suffice nicely. What’s lighter and fluffier than Kirby, the powerful pink vaccum? Nothing I say. Nothing. Enjoy halc’s remix of “Blowing Bubbles in Space” from Kirby Super Star (13:56).

Steve likes cop stories. I’m not opposed to them, so long as they’re good. Double Cross (17:52) creates a clear divide between us in this regard. Sure, we ramble in our discussion, but we hone in on what it is that we disagree upon and ultimately end up in a place where we can both appreciate the work that this comic does.

The Rambletron consists of the following topics: Jason’s high school yin-yang phase, how a little Ice-T makes everything better, why the secret to a happy life is apparently consistent pooping, and we introduce you to Steve Shinney: the original accidental racist. Also, help me convince that a “Nazi phase” is not normal for any child, even in Idaho.


Digital Strips 320 – Review: The Sundays

I’m posting this on Sunday (still technically where I live), because we’re reviewing The Sundays! What more do you people want form me?

We start things off this week with a whole lot of love for a whole lot of puppets. After the usual Muppets jokes, we get deep into various kids’ shows. It’s a bit shame how much we know about these things, but then again we to talk about comics for 30 minutes every week so we’re a bit kooky from the get go.

After than we get into the dangers that are the Eisner award and all the ant genitals they bring. We have read (most) of them until just now so it’s a new, more fluid Digital Strips experience than we’ve had normally. We talk about Jason’s newly discovered sexual inadequacies, Steve’s abhorrence of Capitalism, how sci-fi and fantasy sometimes get freaky with each other, dead geese and finally skirt around the question of what makes a real web comic (answer: anything Steve doesn’t think he can beat up)

The middle section was brought to life by the phrase I most wished to have gotten recorded. “The last time I dropped a fat beat my buddy wet his pants.”

When we get into the review of the comic itself things get a bit more normal for us. We talk about art and writing and about how we disagree about pretty much everything were this is concerned we disagree about just about all of it. I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys, but we may need podcaster couples counselling after this one.

Ant Comic – 6:15
Bandette - 7:45
It will All Hurt – 9:15
Our Blood Stained Roof – 10:15
Oyster War – 11:15
Middle music


Digital Strips Podcast 317 – Review – Loading Artist

loading-artist-img1Happy Digital Strips Day, Digital Strippers! It’s time for that Digital Strippiest of Digital Strips podcasts, Digital Strips! If everybody else is claiming days left and right, who’s to say we can’t do the same? After all, we are the oldest, currently updating webcomics podcast in the world (come at us, bro!).

Do you like webcomics? Good, because we talked about some!

We come back with more comics after the break, but not until I present to you “Jason Sigler, Electronics A-hole.” As always, a sweet video game tune backs our inane chatter. This time, it’s “Spelunking in Space” from Kirby Super Star (15:30), remixed by Hylian Lemon (man, the crew who do music on Overclocked Remix have the raddest names).

As promised, we bring the volume with mentions surrounding this week’s great find:

A slew of mentioned comics does not a bad comic make. Evidence to the contrary is of ample supply in this case, as Loading Artist is a great comic in its own right.

Further inane chatter: Jason takes what he can get, Happy Star Wars Day from Steve’s mom, we put the word “nerd” in front of every possible state of mind and/or being and coming soon to the Digital Strips Podcast Network: Audio Gigolo.


Digital Strips Podcast 315 – Horizons Watch – Broodhollow and Muscles Diablo

You know when we talk about both reality TV and Dr. Strangelove in the same episode that we have the makings of something discordant and chaotic. Luckily, we agree on the things that matter. The others, not so important (if you don’t know which is which in that scenario, then I feel sorry for you).


Should this feel dirty? Because it feels dirty.

Speaking of disagreeing, it’s time once again for Horizons Watch! We pick two fresh-ish comics and bring them before our two-man tribunal (hush) for judging, mockery and entertainment. Before we get to those more in-depth looks, we have other comics that have crossed our paths recently:

(5:39) The Sundays
(7:26) Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh’s Fortune

The big news this (past) week was the launch of Penny Arcade’s much-anticipated reality competition series …

(9:10) Strip Search

While Steve has long since sworn off shows like this that don’t involve sweaty dudes rolling around together and 30 Rock parodies, I watched the first episode and came away feeling like it was a show that was produced by a production company (Bionic Trousers Media). More thoughts can be found in the podcast proper. During our discussion, we couldn’t help but pick out one contestant who we’ve previously talked about and reviewed on the show:

(11:03) Skadi

I read an article recently about the purpose of video game reviews in the modern gaming culture, specifically with regards to setting discourse. Many reviewers find themselves tasked with establishing the faults and/or strengths of a particular property and leaving it for the audience to judge whether they are right or wrong. While it can debated whether or not this should be the goal of a critic, it is certainly true that I have set the discourse for this series and the remainder of its episodes will have to work to change that. For me, at least, I hope you will tell us if your experience was different.

One of our featured comics has the word “diablo” in the title, so naturally I picked something from the game series of the same name for our midshow chat.

(15:30) ‘Wet Grass Inspired’ by AmIEvil

Two great comics come over our Horizons this time, both wildly different, and showing how things should be done in comics while also displaying some missteps in their lives on the Web. First up, Kris Straub’s newest comic confection:

(19:34) Broodhollow

If you want a comic that looks like Starslip (a previous, now completed Straub creation) but has a sinister undertone, Broodhollow has what you’re looking for. Protagonist Wadsworth Zane represents the everyman while also possessing demons, both figurative and (possibly) literal. It makes for a fun read that offers just enough mystery to keep you coming back for more.

Our second pick:

(28:02) Muscles Diablo

In the fun and nothing but category, Muscles Diablo stands second to none. Muscles is, as described by creator Pat N. Lewis, “a tough guy with a shady past who punches a lot of things”. No mystery there! The only question we had is why would you host such a great comic on such a terrible template for Tumblr (re-reading comics is a chore, though this may not affect non-reviewing types). We’ve encountered this problem before, and speaking of that, here are the comics that naturally came up in our conversations:

(24:51) Lovecraft is Missing
(24:56) Sin Titulo
(27:39) Epicsplosion (still no idea if this currently has a home on the Web, if you find it, please let us know!)
(30:41) Little League (now JL8?)