The Shenanigans Show Episode 1: My Initial Scrotum

This van is very much not the Hogwarts ExpressSo we’re trying something different here at Digital Strips. We’ve always wanted to do more shows and have flirted with the idea from time to time (see the occasional video game and pro wrestling podcasts). We’re going to see just how much content we can produce while remaining sane.

This the first episode of that attempt. The regular Digital Strips show will focus just on webcomics so we wanted to find a new home for the random topic discussions that we would do in the first half of the show.

This week we start by talking about marathons, but since neither of us have much experience with pushing our bodies to the limit of accomplishing major goals we quickly have to switch topics to things we know more about, like how disappointed Steve’s wife is with him and the desire to have additional scrotums.

It’s fun we promise.

Music for this episode is Different Heaven by Nekozilla and was provided by No Copyright Sounds.


Episode 450: Another Milestone, NBD

The stars of Milestone ComicsThis is it, Digital Strippers. The last time we’ll talk about Pokemon Go on this podcast. At length. I think. But for this possible final discussion, Steve admits that he’s the last man on Earth to try the game, while Jason laments the fact that his daughter just doesn’t seem to watch to be the very best, like no one ever was. Once the pocket monsters clear out, it’s time for webcomics! Superfogeys has returned, Arcade Rage is yet another awesome video game comic, VG Cats is still hilarious, and RuinWorld is a fun comic where dungeon things happen (according to Steve). Now drop a lure and catch ’em all!


Pro Grapplers Episode 5: Kevin Owens Is Still The Best

Chris Jericho discovers a Band-Aid in his food during Independence Day celebratory food fightWe’re back and knocking off the ring rust with talk of the big WWE Draft! Steve and Jason agree that the best thing about the event was Kevin Owens, while also wondering where else an announce table might go. In the second segment, it’s a deep dive into the insanity that was The Final Deletion. Put down that sandwich and step away from the craft services table, because it’s time for your match!


Episode 449: (Pokemon) Going Like Hot Takes

Pokemon Go as seen on CBS NewsLike everyone else in the country, we’re playing “Pokemon Go”. Ok, Jason is, and he’s relaying his thoughts and hot takes to Steve, who probably has by the time this posts. Right? Once they’re free of the zeitgeist, it’s on to webcomics! This episode, Jason introduces us to Rainbow Mansion and Brown Paperbag, while Steve wants everyone to check out what might happen in The Very Near Future. Do stick around after the outro for Jason’s thoughts on adult coloring books and how Steve thinks the couple that creates together, stays together. Also, one of our first ever bleeped F-bombs!


Episode 448: The Las Vegas Stripper Buffet

Wayne NewtonWhile the guys can’t agree on most anything sports-related, they do know that it’s super fun to name a new sports team. The Las Vegas Tom Joneses? The Las Vegas Celine Dions? You could be SURE that a team with that name isn’t going ANYWHERE for a long time. In the second segment, Jason talks about a new way to tag your comics so they can’t be stolen for reuse, and Steve brings Pandemonium: Wizard Village and Bot Bros to the table for our perusal. Stay tuned after the outro for tips on how to run lemonade stands and executing a successful bikini carwash.


Episode 447: The Robert Khoo In My Mind

The demonic blue mustang at the Denver AirportIt’s the middle of June, so it’s time for this webcomics podcast (the first and best) to talk about E3! Jason and Steve discuss the new developments surrounding The Last Guardian, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Injustice 2, and the world according to VR. E3 or no, the second segment is dedicated to webcomics-only discussions, including the delineation between webcomics and comics on the web, the fate of Penny Arcade in a post-Khoo era, and the final installments of Battlepug. After the outro, the fellas traveled down some deep, dark YouTube holes together and mysteriously resurfaced at the Denver airport.


Episode 446: In My Mech, Having A Moment

Superman, as imagined by Chris Haley, dressed like a female superheroPlaying Overwatch? Want to hear why Jason will only play Pharah, and little else? Great! If not, then the second segment is for you! It’s chock full of webcomics nuggets, including Disney’s Delilah Dirk movie, Grumpy Cat’s Garfield-like webcomic, a thing called Yumi Cells, and two new coloring books from The Oatmeal. Jason really doesn’t like the whole adult coloring book fad and it makes for a fun end to the show. Come back after the outro for far more frivolous conversation about selling out as a teen and how prevalent Looney Tunes were in the clothing section at Wal-Mart. 

(Image provided by Chris Haley, artist of Let’s Be Friends Again, found in the article, Why Do We Care So Much About What Female Superheroes Wear, Anyway? on



The Whopperrito from Burger KingFast food is a wonderful thing, especially when experienced in moderation. Jason tends not to do things lightly though, so he provides us with his typical, weekly Taco Bell breakfast order. Meanwhile, Steve discovers that soda jelly is a thing. After that packed first segment, the second is no less a beast, with news items about Jason Shiga, Star Wars comics(?), Lunarbaboon, Wonderella, Broodhollow, Our Valued Customers, and Scenes From a Multiverse. Let that all settle with the post-outro conversation about the kinkiness of ladybugs and why the guys couldn’t give a flying flip about Jonathan Brandis.


Episode 444: Thanks, Mom! This Is Your Fault

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, showing off his gunsRoguealikes are a dime a dozen these days, but Steve and Jason think they found one and it’s a thumb-busting, clip-emptying good time. Enter the Gungeon is one part gun porn, one part procedural generation, and two parts AH RUN SHOOT IT SHOOT IT DIVE ROLL AAAAAHHHHH. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. On the back half, Steve did his job and brought a returning Charles Christopher, Is This What You Wanted, and The World Is Flat to the table for consumption. Jason, however, took the week off, and so he must listen to Steve’s stories about his high school public access show in the outro.


Episode 443: Call Me Al?

Richard Karn as Al Borland from Home ImprovementJason wants to talk about his time with the Overwatch beta, while Steve is hung up on Paul Simon tunes. Luckily, there is room for both on this podcast! However, there is not enough room in their precious lives for all the webcomics of the world, so it’s time for another Webcomic Colonic! On the chopping block this time are some fine comics, including Monsieur Charlatan, Judecca, Garfield Minus Garfield, PLOX, Hominids, and Unicorn Soup. Stay tuned after the outro to find out how Steve narrowly avoided being peed on as a youth.