Episode 424: Gettin’ Dirty With HH Gregg

Mascot for HHGreggThe commercial collusion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has ended, and Jason is eager to share the spoils of his war on peace and goodwill towards men. When the bragging has died down, listen to the second segment which features a comic about more of the same in Teenage Gender Neutral Turtles (via Newsarama), the rantings of a madman who also just happens to be a cartoonist, and a tale of hockey, love, and love of hockey featured in Check, Please! (via A.V. Club) Tune back in after the outro to hear why Steve is puzzled by his latest blanket purchase.


Episode 423: Good and Moist

The Oatmeal comic about the word "moist"Back from Thanksgiving, where the turkey was lean and moist, the stuffing was rich and moist, and the gravy was hearty and … moist. If that doesn’t creep you out, check out why Steve can’t wait to get into Overwatch and how much he laments the fact that Jason already is. Also, webcomics! Jason loves lists so he runs down 7 Awesome Webcomics You Should Be Reading (and probably already are) while Steve delves deep into the Dwarf Fortress for a couple of picks. Listen in post-outro for a quick story about Steve’s wife, who happens to be Zhu-ish.


Episode 422: Sorry, But Your Fandom Is Showing

Braided beltsSteve and Jason are fed up with talking to people about their favorite hobbies. But PLEASE talk to them about their favorite hobbies. Like webcomics! There’s plenty of talk about those in this episode, including one hosted on the newly de-boobed Playboy website, as well as the first Twitter-sourced comic ever, a site that strives to explain every single XKCD strip, and a set of illustrations of your, yes YOUR favorite role-playing campaigns. All that, plus the saddest found item ever used for a belt.


Episode 421: We Have No Choice

Daniel Fleetwood and his wife, Ashley

RIP, Daniel, and May the Force Be With You

MAAAAAAN, is it a good time to be a geek! Just ask Steve, preeminent geek around these parts and enjoyer of all things Blizzard. His excitement for Starcraft and Hearthstone expansions carries things through to the second segment, wherein webcomics are discussed. Toss a dart, you’re bound to hit a winner on the Nerd Board!


Episode 420: Snickers or GTFO

Can You Dig It? Feat. Macho Man Randy SavageOn this Halloween episode, you just have to ask yourself one question: pants or gun? Steve has a story that asked that very same question, and Jason has a story about a time when he was terrible to someone. Shock, I know. After the break (yep, it’s back), there’s plenty talk about wrastlin’ Kickstarters, spooky treats from well-tread creators, and trying to understand why RSS just doesn’t work for some folks. These boys are becoming men, but that’s about all they can handle this year. WEREWOLVES 2016

Also, because I promised Steve, here’s the link to the Corporate Skull comic he talked about.


Episode 419: Thank You For Believing In Me, Here’s A Murdered Gungan

Lorenzo LamasLIVE! FOR THE FIRST TIME! Witness Steve’s reaction to the new trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens! Will they ever do this kind of thing again?!? Probably not. We will learn why Steve missed out on racist Transformers and why Gumby is on his list of most anticipated remakes that Hollywood could tackle next. Then it’s time to talk comics, and there are some wonderful things to talk about, including a listener submission. Come back after the outro if your name isn’t Ryan (if you are named Ryan, keep it in your pants).


Episode 418: You Never Forget Your First

Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Lorraine Baines (Lea Thompson)If only you knew the power of the Dark Side! Oh yeah? How powerful are you when this Rebel scum is teabagging your dead body? Battlefront is on the brain, and the guys have opinions. Also, today is Back to the Future Day, so listen in for Steve’s reasoning why the second installment of this venerable trilogy could very well be a horror movie, and how Jason discovered his special purpose thanks to Lea Thompson. Also, the guys take a look at many webcomics, including one that swaps a human and a cat. Dump everything into the Mr. Fusion, we’ve got a train to catch!


Episode 417: Clean It Out With A Webcomic Colonic ~OR~ It’s Not You, It’s Me

Zangief sitting on a park benchWho would you approach at a party: hot, big-breasted girl or bear-wrestling, nearly-naked guy? Your choice will reveal much about your character. While you ponder that noodler, the guys are cleaning out their closets. That sounds much cleaner than what they liken it to. Webcomics involve relationships between the reader and the creator, and sometimes you just have to say “It’s Not You, It’s Me,” and break it off. Steve and Jason share their painful break-up stories in this installment.


Episode 416: Sweep Al Roker’s Leg, Hurricane Johnny!

Al Roker falls down while covering Hurricane SandyHurricanes are (were) coming, and no one can catch a baseball! We’re changing this show into Sports and Strips and no one can stop us! Don’t worry, once the impending doom and foul balls talk passes, the guys talk about a lot of webcomics and webcomics-related things. Will you be on Team inktober? Or are you House drawlloween? Either way, we all hashtag lose.



Episode 415: S*** Is Gettin’ REAL

Making your own fun can be so rewarding! To that end, Jason has been creating and partaking of the levels of Super Mario Maker.

A hard level in Super Mario Maker (but not the hardest)

Not one of Jason’s, but devious nonetheless

Hear his pro tips on finding the diamonds in the rough. Meanwhile, Steve has been watching the Rugby World Cup and he’s ready to answer the question: is it more like football or soccer? Once that’s settled, there are many webcomics to chat about, many of which are popping off in one way or another. Knuckle up and head into the fray!