Digital Strips Episode 456: CSS No-Clip Properties

A woman eating toastNeed a good non-sequitur comic? Then Eat That Toast! Steve also determines how long a Sword Interval is, Jason introduces us to Zombie Boy, and an old friend, Lackadaisy, has some new, but familiar digs that the guys check out.


Digital Strips Episode 455: Busy Modern People

Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.On this week’s episode of the first, and best, webcomics podcast on the Internet, Jason supports the Mummy’s Sabbatical, Steve enjoys when things go Pear Shaped Comics, and Jason fondly remembers JL8, the best DC comic you’re not reading.


Shinney’s Shenanigans Show (feat. Sigler) Episode 4: The Non-Sexual Chest Hair Shaving Experience

Tom Selleck and Paul "The Big Show" Wight appear on Conan O'BrienEver wonder what it was like to be approached while on a cruise by a woman wishing to shave the Batman symbol into your chest hair? Me neither! So let’s live vicariously through Steve with this wonderful tale about love, lust, and losing yourself to a world of house music and cruise orgies.


Digital Strips Episode 454: All The Pipes

Dead Space eye needle sceneWhat creeps you out the most? Steve and Jason use the comic, Deep Dark Fears, to discuss this very topic. Warren Ellis also has a new comic due in 2017, Steve found an Ark, and Jason swears there are many great Things In Squares. Come, share, if you dare!


I’m Game Episode 4: Daddy Can’t Open His Own Chest

Martha Stewart and a robot butlerWe start off with the newest Mario game coming straight to a device probably currently in your pocket, then try to figure out who the new half generation of consoles is for. After that we learn that Steve used to think robots were normal and that his kids try to win his love by opening chests. By the way, Jason killed all the Pokemon.


Pro Grapplers Episode 9: Deleted In The Closet feat. CRAZY STEVE

The MexicoolsEverything’s changing! Del Rio left WWE (again), the Usos turned heel, and CM Punk’s first MMA bout has come and gone. Thankfully, we have another Final Deletion as comfort food. Hear our thoughts on country road clown prostitutes, nut-shot happy kangaroos, and CRAZZY STEVE!


Digital Strips Episode 453: Wink Wink

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy DetectiveWe’re solving mysteries, gumshoes! Like, what happens when DS Alumnus Brigid Alverson interviews John Allison? Will Steve and Jason finally contribute to a Patreon thanks to Adam Huber’s Sunday comics plans? Will Steve cry about the ending of Let’s Speak English? And will anyone else care about Jason’s gripes concerning Binwin’s Minions? The answers are here, find them if you dare!


Digital Strips Episode 452: Known Dudes In Word Clouds

The Love Toilet as seen on Saturday Night LiveEver wanted to know whether or not you should finally set up that Patreon account for your comic? We’ll convince you otherwise! Steve also brought a couple of funny comics in Our Super Adventure and Cheer Up, Emo Kid. Add ’em to your feed and enjoy the laughs!


Digital Strips Episode 451: Fish Gotta Fly, Birds Gotta Swim

Conan O'Brien doing his nerd impressionYou want webcomics? You GOT webcomics. And nothing but! Okay, there’s a stray comment about other subjects here and there, but the focus is on the news and thoughts about our founding principle: how awesome are webcomics?

To prove it, we’ve got news about the team-up between LINE Webtoons and Patreon, KC Green’s well-deserved domination of the news cycle, Wonderella’s regular schedule ending soon, and Spacetrawler’s triumphant return (the former two bits brought to us by the fine folks at Fleen). We also look at Barbarous and Rosianna Rabbit in this, the newest episode of Digital Strips: The (First, and Best) Webcomics Podcast!

The music in this episode is provided, as always, by I Fight Dragons. It’s the song “No One Likes Superman Anymore” off their album, Cool Is Just a Number.


The Shenanigans Show Episode 1: My Initial Scrotum

This van is very much not the Hogwarts ExpressSo we’re trying something different here at Digital Strips. We’ve always wanted to do more shows and have flirted with the idea from time to time (see the occasional video game and pro wrestling podcasts). We’re going to see just how much content we can produce while remaining sane.

This the first episode of that attempt. The regular Digital Strips show will focus just on webcomics so we wanted to find a new home for the random topic discussions that we would do in the first half of the show.

This week we start by talking about marathons, but since neither of us have much experience with pushing our bodies to the limit of accomplishing major goals we quickly have to switch topics to things we know more about, like how disappointed Steve’s wife is with him and the desire to have additional scrotums.

It’s fun we promise.

Music for this episode is Different Heaven by Nekozilla and was provided by No Copyright Sounds.