DS 505: Save Room For Some Nom-Noms?

Num NomsIf you haven’t sat and debated the nature of classic Looney Tunes characters, then do we have a fascinating illustrated conversation to share with you! Also, we’re looking at the 2018 Eisner nominees for Best Webcomic (scroll to the very bottom of the list). There is some outstanding work represented, but the people who choose these comics would do well to provide some new categories so the various subjects can breathe a bit more. Still, a lot of good stuff to check out, so we can’t complain too much!


Episode 442: Today, In Civil War News …

John Cena appears on Live With Kelly And MichaelWhen you love both sides equally, how can you possibly be expected to choose? Ripa and Strahan or Iron Man and Captain America, whatever the rivalry, the quandry remains the same. It’s not difficult at all to get excited about the webcomics in this episode, though! We talk about the Eisner nominees, Overwatch getting its comics due, and yet another Ryan Estrada project to get pumped about. Stay tuned after the outro to hear Jason whine about yard work, even though he is an adult.



Episode 400: IT’S EPISODE 400

Traditional Chinese massageStarted from the bottom, now we’re here! Here at Episode 400 of the longest running, still updating podcast in the history of the world! EVER! We celebrate by discussing Steve’s recent trip to China, his questionable decisions in late-night activities, and why, even in the future, you can’t show your weiner to anybody.

Don’t worry; in our second segment, we take on the 2015 Eisner nominees for Best Digital/Web Comic. Stay tuned after the end of the show proper for further discussions about dudes shaving dudes and why Steve holds the record for most hernias ever found in a man during surgery.


Digital Strips Episode 240 – Eisner Awards Nominees Specialtravaganza 2011!

It’s that time of year again! The trees are blooming, allergies are irritating, and it’s time once again for me to take over putting this show together!

Oh, and it’s also time for the Eisners. Kind of a big deal too, I suppose.

This year’s nominees represent one of the strongest bunch since the category for Best Digital Comic was formed in 2005 (thanks, WikiPedia!). But before we break down that list, there’s another list to talk about: The Digital Strips News Minute!

Before we roll into the matter that brought us all here today, why not have a little fun with Higgins and their track, “There He Is”. As always, make sure to check out the entire track and possibly even a whole album, if you feel so inclined.

Without laying out our favorites, I’ll say now that there is very little criticism to be had in the second segment. These five comics represent some of the best talent that the world of digitally-presented comics has to offer.

In our discussion, we wouldn’t want to leave out two other comics who are nominated in other categories:

  • (29:37) Hereville (Best Publication for Teens, Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword)
  • (29:50) Sheldon (Best Humor Publication, Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953)

Of course, we always mention numerous other comics in our journey to making a point, so here are those we utilized to that end.

Finally, it’s easy to forget that Digital Strips was the first webcomics podcast because we don’t tell you nearly enough. As a result, we have an extensive library of podcasts to draw from in our research (I finally stopped laughing enough that I could write that). So here are some of the shows that link with this one in one way or the other. Listen in and enjoy the rich history that webcomics have enjoyed so far!