Episode 415: S*** Is Gettin’ REAL

Making your own fun can be so rewarding! To that end, Jason has been creating and partaking of the levels of Super Mario Maker.

A hard level in Super Mario Maker (but not the hardest)

Not one of Jason’s, but devious nonetheless

Hear his pro tips on finding the diamonds in the rough. Meanwhile, Steve has been watching the Rugby World Cup and he’s ready to answer the question: is it more like football or soccer? Once that’s settled, there are many webcomics to chat about, many of which are popping off in one way or another. Knuckle up and head into the fray!


Episode 414: Use The Force, Don’t Use Force

hijinks-comic(Image above from Joel Watson’s Hijinks Ensue; it got a lot of replay this week as it super-accurately predicted the recent Apple news. Way to observe that crystal ball, Joel!)

APPLE NEWS! APPLE NEWS! SEO! Wait, what? New Apple products are on the horizon and everyone is in a tizzy! Well, everyone but Steve. Blissfully unaware Steve. He is, however, crazy stoked for the arrival of our Poke-overlords to arrive next year on all of our connected smart devices! Meanwhile, Jason got the chance to take in a Super Art Fight and his report should be enough to make you want to join him for the next one. WHEEL OF DEATH! WHEEL OF DEATH! WHEEL OF DEATH!


Episode 413: I’m a Badass And I Hide In a Box

Metal Gear Solid V employs the cardboard box in interesting, sexy waysSnake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!! No, we’re not running down years old viral videos, we’re talking about Metal Gear Solid. Ok, Jason is talking about Metal Gear Solid while Steve politely listens. Together, though, the guys discuss game remakes of classic titles, emoji that you can actually use, and why no Dominos worker is worth having sex with (ask Steve). That chicanery aside, webcomics! Monster Elementary, The July Storm, Molebashed, and Sleepless Domain. Stop staring at her breasts and get to listening, soldier!


Episode 411: Spaghetti or Walker?

Boromir knows how to cook spaghettiWe start with one of the most prominent mobile game releases in recent memory and end up discussing the consistency of various types of pasta. Don’t worry, while talking about comics in the second segment, we coin the term “Skeletor’s balls” thanks to Wicked Crispy. It’s also time to take a look at ANOTHER KC Green joint, and Ryan Estrada just can’t stop doing things, either, so we have a look at his latest project. All that, plus, our memories of the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Stay tuned after the outro to feel the pain of being a nerdy know-it-all at the public library.


Pro Grapplers Episode 4: It Came Crashing Down … And It Hurts Inside

Fandango is coming to WWE RAWBREAKING: It turns out a superstar from a historically racist entertainment venue might also be racist. That doesn’t make the sting of the Hulkster’s words any less lasting. Also, we may have another superstar title for Steve (Snake Handler!) and we run down the card from Battleground! This includes such classics as broken Kane, why there’s nothing sexual about the Figure 8, the whereabouts of Fandango, and why you feel the need to punch the Miz (hint: it’s Sunday).


Episode 410: He’s Right, Gorillas Aren’t Brown

Donkey Kong in Super Mario StrikersWe’ve got popular opinions, like Chris Columbus’ Pixels is crap! We’ve got unpopular opinions, like the first two Harry Potter movies were the best of the series! We also take a look at our RSS feeds and perform our first Comics Cleanse! There’s bound to be something you agree/disagree with in there, so stop by the site and let us know what it is!


Episode 409: Don’t Do Joe Pesci Like That

Kevin from Home Alone 2 shows off his TalkboyFamily really is just the worst, right? That’s what Kevin thought in Home Alone, and we tend to agree with him! (But not really) After we make certain Steve knows the difference between Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito, we move on to more important subjects, like webcomics. In the second segment, we talk about EVO, Street Fighter comics, Wonderella’s penchant for taking on current events, and Steve introduces everyone to Blackgrass and Stonebreaker. You’re alone in New York … what would YOU do?


Pro Grapplers Episode 3: The Facest Face You Ever Faced

Booker T is SWERVED by Renee Young and HornswoggleIt’s real to us, dammit! Hear Steve’s reaction to one of the oldest (and best) wrestling memes, as well as why he tuned out to the Divas awesomeness on RAW. Jason also reports in from the first two episodes of SWERVED, including a message for Zack Ryder. In the second segment, we run down the Battleground card, Randy Orton: King of the Taunt, and how we think Rollins/Orton could truly go any which way.


Episode 408: Happy Prime Day!

Disney/Pixar's UPComic-Con went down, and what do we want to talk about? Fitness. And cursing. Yes, it was supposed to lead into a geekier discussion. No worries, though, as that discussion comes in the second segment, where we talk about Automata, Disappointing Monsters, Rob Lundy, The Floraverse, and much, much more!


Episode 407: Grapneling With The Future

Adam West's Batman can't get rid of a bombSwear to me! … that you’ll listen to this Bat-tastic episode! Jason runs down his brief time with Arkham Knight while Steve grapples with the concept of a grapnel. After a brief break, it’s nothing but webcomics, webcomics, webcomics! The guys chat about Sharksplode, Table Titans, The Brothers Chapman, Penny Arcade, and Reptilis Rex. Plus, stay tuned after the outro for a well-produced mix of idiocy.