Digital Strips Podcast 253 – Review – Shadowbinders (Just Don’t Go Near The Large Barnyard Animals)

Barnyard AnimalsWe’re making up for a shorter episode last week with a podcast chock full of webcomicky goodness. First up, a segment where, as mentioned earlier, we put two comics head-to-head in a “we swear this isn’t a review” contest to see who pulls off the “this title could only exist in webcomics”. The competitors:

Who emerges as the winner? The fans and readers, that’s who! These are two amazing comics that we are lucky to have received and which, without the magical medium of the Internet, we might never have seen otherwise. While Ratfist actually wrapped up this past week, Battlepug rages on, and as mentioned in a previous news post, a Ratfist collection, complete with bonus content, is coming later this year courtesy of Image Comics. Do us all a favor and pick it up while you keep reading Battlepug to help ensure we keep seeing awesome experimental stories like this on the Web.

Leading us into the second segment is an audio ad, the first we’ve received in at least a year! This one points us towards Gene Gardens (9:45), a comic that is hard to find online but whose Kickstarter you can readily assist with. Help creator Shawn Granger raise the funds to produce the Gene Gardens graphic novel by clicking any of the previous links.

And the second segment is full of Digital Strips News Minuteness, so much so that there is nothing Minute-y about it. You can find all of those stories on the site (save the one about Daniel Lieske’s app for The Wormworld Saga), some of which even have conversations already ongoing. Jump in and let your voice be known!

Our review is brought to us by the coolest of subterranean adolescent crimefighters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, more specifically a remix of the title screen tune of the NES video game of the same name, titled, “Go Ninja, Go” (16:40). Bringing that same sense of adolescent wonder is a fun tale of steampunks and real world teenage angst.

Three other comics are mentioned while we suss out the review.

While uneven, Steve and I agree that this comic packs promise and personality. Check it out and let us know what you think!