Pro Grapplers Episode 8: This Is What We’re Doing Now

The What Culture Pro Wrestling championshipIt’s been a week and already there has been massive change in the world of WWE. We run down the events leading up to the crowning of the NEW Universal Champion and what that means for the future of the RAW brand. Their CWC also continues to kick so much ass, but we don’t know what to expect when the transition is made to the CW division on RAW. Steve has also been watching a lot of WC (What Culture) PW and has thoughts about it.


Pro Grapplers Episode 1: Crazy Like I Was In High School

Join Amazin’ Jason and Steve “The Shinkicker” as they walk down memory lane and recall just why they’re currently into pro wrestling as much as they are. Hear about Jason’s mom witnessing … things and find out what Steve and Dean Ambrose have in common. Lace up your boots and dunk your head in the water tank, because it’s time to debut!


Digital Strips Podcast 299 – Review – Nightmare Pro Wrestling

Nightmare Pro WrestlingIt’s Halloween … ok, well, it’s getting close to Halloween, and we’re getting into the spirit with a comic review all about monsters and things that
go bump in the night. Though having now lived in a house with my wife for over three years now, I can safely say that many things go bump in the night, and are not, to my knowledge, necessarily supernatural or ooky-and- spooky in nature. Take that as you will.

It’s scary how few new webcomics I’ve been reading lately (blame a busy work season), but Steve has all the time in the world and handily picks up my slack with two different comics for our Whatcha’ Been Readin’ portion:

Our featured comic this episode weaves a tale that is set, up to this point, in a castle. And what better transition could we ask for than one from Wolfenstein 3D, titled, “My Loved Ones Are Gone” [remixed by Psycho Crusher, (14:53)]?

Steve enjoys a good many horror comics and is a casual fan of pro wrestling (or sports entertainment, as Vince McMahon would like us to refer to it). I, on the other hand, enjoy some horror but I am still deeply ensconced in the world of arm bars, drop-toe holds, suicide dives, and the occasional senton powerbomb. So yeah, I was thrilled when we agreed to take a look at something that would satisfy both our curiosities:

I take the opportunity to school Steve on the finer points of grappling and laying the smack down, while Steve helps me discuss all things WWE by the time we wrap things up. If you’re a fan or horror, you’ll love the monster homages that this comic cooks up. If you’re a fan of wrestling, the action is more than satisfying and really cranks things up when the participants are at it in the ring. If only we had a handy RSS feed with which to keep up-to-date on the comic’s updates …

Topics for Rambletronning include, but are not limited to: the horror that is Ink Outbreak (to Steve, I’m ambivalent), PvP is the SportsCenter of the Internet, and we find out what it might be like as Steve attends his first orgy. Despite all that, come on up to the castle and join us, won’t you?