Pro Grapplers Episode 51: Every Tom, Dick, and Killian Dain

KO approaches Breezango about being special referee for his title matchJason tries a new format and Steve immediately points out how invalid it is. Plus: Is hotshotting the titles around a good idea? Did the SummerSlam Big Beefy Boy Smashfest deliver? Are we looking at a squash match at No Mercy? Is Braun Strowman big enough to hide Samoa Joe for an entire match? How is Chad Gable’s spatial awareness? And can Kevin Owens find a special referee, or is he too Kevin Owens to get it done?


Pro Grapplers Episode 47: Kicked In The Tozawas

Kurt Angle speaks with his mysterious partner as Monday Night RAW goes off the airThe first-ever Great Balls of Fire PPV event is in the books, and man was it a scorcher! The intensity was high and it gave us some great matches. Other thoughts this week: quoting songs doesn’t require a bibliography, Steve thinks Slater is set for a push, Joe better get his due, who does Kurt Angle LOOOOOOOVE, and SEXY FASHION RANGERS.


Pro Grapplers Episode 46: Big Beefy Boy Smashfest

Kane attaches jumper cables to Shane McMahon's grapefruitsVacation’s over and it’s time to talk about a LOT of wrestling! Money in the Bank came and went, Carmella stole the briefcase (twice), and that lovable bearded maniac made his return. Things are going pretty well, so let’s talk about our hopes and fears for the first-ever Great Balls of Fire PPV event!


Pro Grapplers Episode 44: The Best Laid Plans of Miz and Men

Dana Carvey in The Master of Disguise

NOT a Jinder Mahal joke

No matter what you thought about the endings of Extreme Rules, it’s behind us and we move on. This week, we talk about how awesome Samoa Joe was with Paul Heyman, how Dean Ambrose loves to hide (and we love him for it), the continuing Cassening, the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase, the continued excellence of the Fashion Files (telepathy and romper edition), and the no-go for Mojo.


Pro Grapplers Episode 38: Payback-Per-View

Oscar the Grouch from Sesame StreetAlistair Black is an awesome kickboxing vampire, we think. There are other things to talk about that don’t matter as much, but we’ll run them down anyways. We do have questions, like: is a dumpster threatening when worn as shoes? Does Ziggler think owning a monkey and a ferris wheel is a bad thing? Are Breezango really the number one contenders for the SD Tag Titles? When will Jack Gallagher finally get his due? When will the Hardyz break, and will Cesarmus be the ones to do it? Does Steve think of Joe vs. Lesnar in bed? Will Jinder ever return the WWE Title? And just what ARE Great Balls of Fire?


Pro Grapplers Episode 37: Home of the KFC Yum! Center

Topps trading card for WCW's LodiIf you’ve ever used one human being to hit another human being, you know how satisfying it can be. Nia Jax does it. Braun Strowman does it. Big people prefer to use smaller people as weapons, it’s canon. Also, Jason gets to educate Steve on the nuanced career of WCW’s Lodi, both guys freak out over Jinder’s current freaky body, the Colons could be a thing, Joe shouldn’t cut promos after matches any more, the perfect time to watch 205 Live, and why Strowman is STILL the best thing in WWE right now.