Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 46: No One Cares About Serifs

Papyrus Is A Good Font t-shirtJason gives a great reason why you should never share a Google Doc with him, Steve is blind to the differences between typefaces, and together the guys find a common ground in a post-font society.


Digital Strips Episode 491: I Ain’t Your Father

After pondering the consistency and look of robot … oil, the guys set to talking about many, many webcomics! Full Plate (Google Play) is another motion comic to check out, Hejibits, Mrs. Frollein, and Robospunk represent various aspects of the single-shot comic format, and A Fire Story tells a poignant, educational story about living through the true life horror of an out-of-control wildfire.


Pro Grapplers Episode 58: A Monster Among Meningitis

Protected sex according to The Naked GunA fearful illness has gripped the locker room and thrown the TLC card into chaos! Will Angle wrestle? Will Styles and Balor put on an instant classic? And how about all those cruiserweight and women’s matches, eh? All that, plus SmackDown Live is still good thanks to Owens and Zayn, not to mention Rusev, Pulp Fashion, and THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS.


Pro Grapplers Episode 57: I’m No Doctor

Kevin Owens turns on his brother, Sami Zayn, at NXT TakeOverThat was one HELL of a show! Hell in a Cell is over and we have at least one match of the year candidate out of the entire card. Once the guys stop gushing about the tag match and pondering the future for Owens and Zayn, it’s time to talk Raw and the impact the reunited Shield is already having. TLC is gearing up to be a good show, but who will use the T, who will ask for the L, and who can’t wait to see the C? Also, Jason was right about two of his predictions and he makes sure everyone knows it.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 45: Beach BBQ Buddies

My BuddySteve was invited to a beach BBQ and found a hot woman in attendance that changed his entire outlook on his life. Jason has no work wives, but work husbands abound. And together, these co-hosts of hundreds of episodes finally decide they can be buddies.


Digital Strips Episode 490: Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl, Hamburger, Comic

Love your grandmotherAfter the guys determine who REALLY loves their grandmother, it’s off to webcomics! Nothing Special goes against it’s title, I’m The Bird Guy reminds us that Instagram isn’t a great comics platform, Protanopia shows promise, and the terrific tag-team of Ehud and Yael are back with some more short story comic goodness.


Dungeons and Dragons and Webcomics (Part 1)

Dungeons and Dragons – the archetypal fantasy roleplaying game which created and defined a genre – is a big part of the internet’s collective conscious so it’s no surprise how often it’s referenced in webcomics, whether directly or indirectly. Digital Strips episode 489 delved a little into the between the game, webcomics and their creators (and podcasters) so this seems a perfect time for a companion article series on just what DnD is, how it came to be, and the influence it has had on the webcomics scene. Continue reading


Pro Grapplers Episode 56: More Like Jinder Mah-balls

Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle at King of the RingRaw didn’t have much this week, but if you can’t get behind a slow build to a Shield reunion, there’s nothing you’ll like on the WWE main roster this week. Meanwhile, Hell in a Cell is tomorrow we don’t really care because: one or both of the Hype Bros might turn, Roode’s entrance will outdo Ziggler’s, Orton will have an Orton-ass match, The Usos and New Day will steal the show, Shane/KO will end badly, and we hope the U.S. and WWE Championships swap places. Finally, should we care about what’s going on with Bray? History should steer you on this one. Enjoy the Cell and hope for no Hell!


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 44: Three Hours to Canada

Celebrate Hamburger Day!Ever work in food service? Ever work in food service for a matter of minutes? On accident? Then does Steve have a story for you! Also, is Subway just another way to say you’ve given up with respect to your food choices? Finally, IT’S HAMBURGER DAY and we’re having sweet onion EVERYTHING!


Chasing IT: 3 horror webcomics you should read

It’s exam time here in Australia, so I haven’t yet got out to see the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT on the big screen. Luckily for me (and us all), there’s plenty of great horror to be found in webcomics, meaning I can scratch my horror itch and still pretend to be working on my essays!

If you’re like me and need something to tide you over until the movie – or if you’ve seen the film and are jonesing for more – here’s a short list of some great horror webcomics that are sure to stand your hair on end.

False Positive by Mike and Ashley Walton

Written and drawn by Mike Walton, and edited by Ashley Walton, False Positive gives plenty of content for your click. An anthology of short-run stories of horror, fantasy and sci-fi that Steve and Jason discussed way back in 2012, it features some truly creepy stories and some deliciously grotesque art. They’re short reads, so if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare they’re definitely worth your time.

The Last Halloween by Abby Howard

Ok, so we’ve talked about The Last Halloween before on the blog and the podcast, and it’s clear I’m a fan. But really, how many webcomics out there open with someone burning (mostly) to death, rendered in lovingly graphic, greyscale detail? If you’re looking for something that reminds you of Stephen King, while still being it’s own, unique work, then this is definitely the webcomic to read and recommend to your friends as the credits roll on IT.

Little Green God of Agony by Dennis Calero and… Stephen King

What can remind one more of a Stephen King story, than an actual Stephen King story? Little Green God of Agony was adapted to webcomic format in 2012 from King’s 2011 short story, and is available to read from King’s website. As you would expect from a renowned professional comic artist, the pages are gorgeous, and capture the creepy tone of King’s prose whilst bringing a distinct and unmistakable comics feel to the story.

Do you know any great horror webcomics to add to this list? Drop them in the comments or link them to me on Twitter – I’d love to check them out (instead of studying). We’ll be back to our scheduled programming on the blog posts from next week, but until then I hope you enjoy a tale or two that send a shiver up your spine. And, as always, remember: don’t eat the clickbait!