Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 31: That Was Our Inside Joke, Google!

Grasshoppers are a favorite snack for Seattle Mariners fansAutocorrect is judging Jason, and he doesn’t appreciate the judgment. Steve is going out to the ballgame, and he only wants peanuts and … grasshoppers? Like, the insect? Also, priests might find it uncomfortable to take in an indie wrestling match. Shocker!


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 30: BEZOS’ BALLS!

The soldier with a very, very large backpackSteve’s nerdy, bulky backpack got him stuck in a bus door, and he was quite embarrassed. Jason attempts to give us all a listen to the smooth, soothing sounds of his digestive system. And we find out just how hard it is to have gas in a skyscraper.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 29: Can’t See The Forest For The Peen

An example of good naked and bad naked from SeinfeldSteve loves his new job, including all the naked dudes he can look at in the hotel across the street. Jason was disconcerted by a large cadre of naked men (in a locker room) (that he wasn’t supposed to be in). And together, the guys decide to stop hatin’ on those happy, naked souls.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 28: You Are Dumb More Times

A Japanese bidetDo you like to save a buck or two when you travel? Steve, the Frugal Frolicker, is here to show you how you can sleep in your car to experience the exotic local eccentricities! Went to China but forgot your personal toilet paper? Pick up a few realty pamphlets and your bum will beg you to move on up! Also, Jason has apprehensions about traveling and yes, they’re mostly about bathrooms.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 27: Tuck and Roll, Dragon’s Coming!

Angel hair pasta

Angel hair pasta … because we can’t, in good conscience, show you a picture of food with hair in it

Jason can’t forgive a hair, any hair, in his food, and the bathroom isn’t a great source of confidence, either. Also, both guys want to know, are women nesting when they build piles of hair in the shower? Meanwhile, Steve told his daughter a fantastical lie to encourage good eating habits, but that falsehood may someday have grave, and/or hilarious consequences.


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 26: That Is a Mean (Not a) Doctor

Doctor Nick from The Simpsons on a billboardChitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins are very different Dick Van Dyke movies and Jason knows this now (though he clearly did not just days ago). Steve knows the dangers of hand adjustments and won’t speak so flippantly about them. And doctors can be real SOBs. Also, possibly not actual doctors. Also also, yes this used to be The Shenanigans Show. Enjoy the new, easier-to-say title!