Pro Grapplers Episode 32: Of Dogs And Yards

Emma: Coming Soon to Monday Night RawThe Fastlane to the on-ramp to Wrestlemania has come and gone, and both Steve and Jason feel less than whelmed. Will the cruiserweights continue their momentum from their tremendous showing? Can Bayley up her game heading into Wrestlemania? Wouldn’t it be better for EVERYONE to have a spear, since it’s such a devastating move? Why does Bill Goldberg sweat so much doing so little? The answers to these questions, plus: No one will be cheering Roman at Mania, the refs need to learn how to drive a forklift, and Emma debuts soon!


Episode 399: Weird Magic Leper (Review feat. Chapel Also Ran)

Tolian Soran from Star Trek: GenerationsWhen Wrestlemania comes around, Jason transforms into something … more. Apologies for that. The guys do manage to talk about some comics, including Dreadful Sirens, Bigfoot Justice, and Chapel Also Ran. Welcome to Suplex City, we hope you enjoy your stay!

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