Pro Grapplers Episode 18: Smackdown Rules, RAW Drools

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar stare each other down as special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin looks onWelcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most historic Survivor Series in history! Who will win ownership of the cruiserweights? Which team will emerge victorious? Will Steve continue to rely on CBS Sports for his pro wrestling news? Will Bill Goldberg survive the night? Who will piss off the Undertaker? We have no answers, but listen as we ponder the possibilities!


Pro Grapplers Episode 11: Luke And Karl Take On The World

Droz from the WWEThe world is in danger, and Bo Dallas is our destructor! Will the cruiserweights save us? Or must we wait for Broken Matt Hardy to leave his current post at TNA and return home to the WWE, brokenness and all? Amidst the chaos and devastation, you’ll also find our rundown of the Clash of Champions card.


Pro Grapplers Episode 3: The Facest Face You Ever Faced

Booker T is SWERVED by Renee Young and HornswoggleIt’s real to us, dammit! Hear Steve’s reaction to one of the oldest (and best) wrestling memes, as well as why he tuned out to the Divas awesomeness on RAW. Jason also reports in from the first two episodes of SWERVED, including a message for Zack Ryder. In the second segment, we run down the Battleground card, Randy Orton: King of the Taunt, and how we think Rollins/Orton could truly go any which way.


Pro Grapplers Episode 2: BOOM! How’s Ya Mutha?

Stars of Money in the Bank fall off a ladderA few days late and several dollars short, but don’t count out the Pro Grapplers! We offer our late thoughts on Money in the Bank, talking about Sheamus’ chances at becoming the first male Divas Champion and detailed talk of … packages. Also, Steve brings our first Sh-indie Report, offering his perspective of the local Utah show that he saw.


Pro Grapplers Episode 1: Crazy Like I Was In High School

Join Amazin’ Jason and Steve “The Shinkicker” as they walk down memory lane and recall just why they’re currently into pro wrestling as much as they are. Hear about Jason’s mom witnessing … things and find out what Steve and Dean Ambrose have in common. Lace up your boots and dunk your head in the water tank, because it’s time to debut!


Digital Strips Podcast 312 – Review – All New Issues

We have a new rival here at Digital Strips and we don’t even know their names. We found a podcast older than us and we just don’t like them.

This week, Jason brings to the table All New Issues, a comic that strikes a little too close to home in some ways and not at all in others. We talk about how much it reminds us of other comics and how in this case, that’s a good thing.

We also talk about our mysterious patron, little ways you at home can change the world by hugging garbage, why litter is horrible, why Gallager is not as horrible as you may think, why Jason can’t pronouce the name of this show, Steve gives tax advice and Jason turns around and gives career advice to Pat Bennatar.

Play at home game: count how many euthinism Steve has (Note – I’m editing this post for typos and I can’t figure out what Steve meant here, so “euthinism” stands – Jason).

Always remember: We’re a podcast. People don’t listen to me, we’re in trouble.

Show Notes, I’ll have links up later in the day.
Table Titans
Kiwi Blitz
Order of the Stick
Sidekick Quests
The Untold Tales of Bigfoot
The Abomiable Charles Christopher
Monster Pulse
Girls with Slingshots
Looking for Group
The Rack