DS 95: Guest Review of Malfunction Junction

Digital Strips : Show 95
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We have another guest host for you. This time we have Phil’s arch rival Reva Sharp but don’t worry as she has picked a surprising refreshing strip. Normally the only journal comic I like is Devil’s Panties but if you manage your way through the archives you’ll find some of the best sarcasm and random life jokes I have had the pleasure to laugh at. Relax and listen to a show that finally comes in under 30 minutes. (Without the music that is)
In this episode we talk about:

  • Malfunction Junction by Matt Milby
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    2 thoughts on “DS 95: Guest Review of Malfunction Junction

    1. The explicit tag is set for the show in general. We’ve said a lot worst on the show, just listen to our little gamers interview.

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