Left to our own devices: Backlist in motion

ICv2 notes that the number of comics available on mobile devices has doubled in the last two months and gives a bit of background on who’s doing what.

Johanna Draper Carlson wonders why anyone would make a motion comic and looks at the difference between the Marvel and DC strategies at Comics Worth Reading.

Here’s the demo for Panelfly, a new mobile comics reader app; Scott McCloud finds it a bit disturbing.

It’s a dramatic tale, full of thrills and uncertainty, with a happy ending: MyRomanceStory is putting their comics on the iPhone, and their press release, intentionally or not, fits the genre to a T.

The NBM folks are a bit more staid about their venture onto the iPhone, but they have an interesting twist—while most publishers sell a chapter at a time for 99 cents, NBM is selling full graphic novels for $6.95 to $9.95 a pop.

Sean Kleefeld finally got a cell phone, but it’s a Dare, not an iPhone, and he’s wondering if anyone is making comics for it yet. I haven’t heard of any. Readers?

At the Boys Next Door blog (which focuses on yaoi manga), Nikita reviews vol. 1 of Games With Me, by Tina Anderson and Lynsley Brito, which is available only on Kindle at the moment.

Lori Henderson takes a look at the newest iteration of the Sony E-reader at Manga Xanadu.

Quill & Quire asks: Is Kindle more environmentally friendly than dead-tree books?


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