Digital Strips 192 – Horizons Watch Escape From Planet Nowhere and The Loneliest Astronauts

Wow, that may just be the longest title in the history of Horizons Watches. I’ll have to check to know for sure and we all knot that I won’t do that so we’ll all just accept it as fact.

This week we head back beyond the atmosphere and hang out in space for two more sci-fi comics. Both these comics are just little babies, taking their first breathes of Internet air, but so far they have entertained us with their coos, goos and because they’re babies, even their poos.

The comics are Escape From Planet Nowhere by Otis Frampton and The Loneliest Astronauts by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle and about the only thing these two comics have in common is that they happen in space and they appear on this show. Tune in and enjoy, or else.


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